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Lance A. Wallace, Ph.D.

Lance Wallace has concentrated throughout his career on developing methods such as personal air quality monitors and breath analysis to measure human exposure to air pollution. Dr. Wallace, whose Ph.D. is in physics, conceived and implemented the EPA TEAM Studies of human exposure. These very large-scale studies used personal monitors carried by more than 2000 persons (selected to represent more than two million residents of a number of U.S. cities) to measure their exposure to volatile organic compounds, pesticides, carbon monoxide, and respirable particles. Many new unexpected sources of these pollutants were found, leading to an increased emphasis on personal behavior, consumer products, and building materials as sources of exposure. Dr. Wallace received a number of awards from the EPA for these and other studies carried out during his 30-year career with the Agency. He spent two years as a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, and has served as an advisor to a number of doctoral students at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Washington. He has published 80 articles in peer-reviewed journals, one book and 15 book chapters, and more than 100 research reports and presentations at conferences. Recently he was one of three editors of the first textbook in human exposure. Dr. Wallace received the Jerome J. Weselowski award for lifetime contributions to human exposure and the Constance Mehlman award for scientific contributions affecting environmental policy from the International Society for Exposure Analysis (ISEA).


Ph.D. in Physics

USEPA, retired
Key Publications

Wallace, L.A. (1991)"Comparison of Risks from Outdoor and Indoor Exposure to Toxic Chemicals," Environ. Health Perspectives, 95:7-13.

Wallace, L.A. (1987) The TEAM Study: Summary and Analysis: Volume I, U.S. EPA, Washington, DC, EPA 600/6-87/002a, NTIS PB 88-100060.


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